Monday, December 9, 2013

Artist residency in Gracia, Barcelona - D01

Arrived at Barcelona airpot about 10 pass 11 in the evening of Sunday 8th of December - the day when a silver Madonna statue was toured around the city and followed by crowds. I left Palermo in the mood that was uplifted by the devoted believers.

it was only 1.5 hr flight from Palermo to Barcelona. I hopped on a taxi in the fear of professional pocket-pickers whom I might encounter in public transportation. I am mute here. All the language that I had been badly picked up along this trip: French, Italian, and now, Spanish, all tangled into a big knot. It was dark outside the taxi window. I couldn't see much of Barcelona.

Taxi driver was a nice man. He stayed till I had got inside the building.

The building is a 3 level spanish apartment with arch doors, fresco walls and patterned tile floor. The bed was soft and warm. I woke up about mid day today.

I walked blindly towards to the city centre with the direction of google map in my phone. Following a long straight road (carrer del Torrent - Carrer Roger de Lluria), I got to the spiderwebbed city centre. The streets were neat and full of shops and cafes along the sides. At one point I reached La Cathedral. It was just like the image on the postcard. It costed 6Ero to enter, so I left and headed back home.

Barcelona is such a famous and strange city to me. I sat in my room and started to read lonely planet  guide.

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