Monday, December 22, 2014

A letter to David Shrigley

Hi, David,
I visited your exhibition "life and life drawing" that is currently shown at National Gallery of Victoria. I think I am a fan of your artwork.

My friend Sarah and I sat down for at least a good 30mins and did a drawing of the model in one of the exhibition room. You may know that it is always difficult to call an end once you start making art. Luckily Sarah and I both felt the need to stop around the same time. We had few giggles when the robot model blinked and peed in to the tin bucket. We actually had lots giggles through out the exhibition. I really enjoyed the sarcastic messages in your art.

After seeing the exhibition, we also popped into the souvenir shop where all your artworks are sold as products.  We went through almost very product and had more giggles. I did a naughty thing that I bought only thing i could afford in the shop - badges. One 'I'm not tall' for me; 'baked potato' for Sarah as she told me that's her favourite. With my current financial situation - an art student who nearly made end meet, spending money for any unpractical stuff is a wast. But I couldn't resist the good feeling of spending money and the imaginary joyful time in the post purchase stage. I hope my tiny amount of financial contribute would give you support to your art on some level.

After all, I really appreciated that your exhibition was free charge. I wish one day I would be like you to exhibit work in the top contemporary art space and sell products of my artwork to art pilgrims.

your fan

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

To reside at the Food Court

My belated art making job starts again! ( I am truly astonished how much time for a lazy bone like me to recover from only 3 months traveling overseas. *Ashamed*)
The poster on the glass wall of the Food Court

Now, I am sitting at Dockland - a very much strange and yet familiar place* to continue the project I started at the residency at Jiwar in Barcelona over the period from December 2013 to January 2014. (Maria would be happy for me.)

I am planning to edit the film and sound footage I took at Jiwar during this residency. ( making work about food at the Food Court! What a match!) Meanwhile I will explore the neighbourhood.

As simple as it sounds!

I will have open studio days during my residency! The dates will be posted here or my FB page soon. So, please stay in touch!

* Waterfront in Dockland is very foreign to me as I barely visit this place. No reason to come! None of friends in Melbourne ever had recommend it to me to visit. I don't know the streets, shops, or what's around… a void place in my knowledge of melbourne.  However, it is such not a very difficult place to figure out. it is almost identical to other 'waterfronts' in major cities, such as Darwin, Sydney, even Liverpoor ( i recently traveled to). Similar architecture landscape, a big shopping mall about a block away from the water; same shops and cafes at the mall; concrete dock street along the water dotted with lookout spots and ice creme venders; the apartments with balconies facing the water and the apartment without balconies; and tourists.

A water view of Waterfront

A street view of Waterfront

A view of boulevard along the water