Tuesday, March 25, 2014

To reside at the Food Court

My belated art making job starts again! ( I am truly astonished how much time for a lazy bone like me to recover from only 3 months traveling overseas. *Ashamed*)
The poster on the glass wall of the Food Court

Now, I am sitting at Dockland - a very much strange and yet familiar place* to continue the project I started at the residency at Jiwar in Barcelona over the period from December 2013 to January 2014. (Maria would be happy for me.)

I am planning to edit the film and sound footage I took at Jiwar during this residency. ( making work about food at the Food Court! What a match!) Meanwhile I will explore the neighbourhood.

As simple as it sounds!

I will have open studio days during my residency! The dates will be posted here or my FB page soon. So, please stay in touch!

* Waterfront in Dockland is very foreign to me as I barely visit this place. No reason to come! None of friends in Melbourne ever had recommend it to me to visit. I don't know the streets, shops, or what's around… a void place in my knowledge of melbourne.  However, it is such not a very difficult place to figure out. it is almost identical to other 'waterfronts' in major cities, such as Darwin, Sydney, even Liverpoor ( i recently traveled to). Similar architecture landscape, a big shopping mall about a block away from the water; same shops and cafes at the mall; concrete dock street along the water dotted with lookout spots and ice creme venders; the apartments with balconies facing the water and the apartment without balconies; and tourists.

A water view of Waterfront

A street view of Waterfront

A view of boulevard along the water 

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