Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Redeem UnAustralianness Vis Railing"

A new work has been created for a common space: a corridor, inside 874 Art building at Victoria College of The Arts south bank campus. Including the days of the installation and de-installation, this work lasted for one week from 22 - 26 April. 

Here are some text, photographic and video documentation of this work.

"Redeem UnAustralianness Via Railing - MMXV"

- A long corridor frequented by fearless art students full of hopes and expectations.

- An array of 100 recycled empty green beer cans gaffe taped on the long wall.

- A silver plate and its red silk packaging box holding a pile of twigs at each end of the long pass.

- Two signs ‘REDEEM UNAUSTRALIANESS VIA RAILING’ and “IN BIBENS VERITAS AUSTRALIS” written in a big font and composed respectively at the centre of a blue and yellow rectangular backgrounds, are sliding in one after the other on the wall from the projector, just like propaganda slogans.

A proposition is made. Actions are desired.


Tak, tak, tak… A fainted rhythm of the gold luck-grabbing cat’s swinging arm that hits the wall behind is detected in the silent space. It counts every second of the current stillness and builds up a longing for future chaos.

A person merges at one end of the corridor, stops in front of red packaging box, picks up a twig and holds it in hand. This person decides, “I am going to use this stick to hit every single can on this wall while I am walking through! It will be just like what I did when I was a kid.”

Starting in a natural pace, this person creates a sound with the twig general and calm, yet sharp and clear. Suddenly this sound becomes hysteric and psychotic noises mixed with the accelerating footsteps. This person run and springs off to the other end of the corridor. It is a quick decision popped up in this person’s head.

Before the obnoxious loud patchy sound fades out from the air, before the annoyed nearby students catch this “criminal” with their stares, this person has dropped the twig in the pile on the plate and walked off.


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